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2017 Pattern, Symmetry, Growth and Decay (Solo Exhibition), MorYork Gallery, Highland Park, CA (click for pictures)
2017 Claremont Hertiage Art+Design Showcase, Garner House, Claremont, CA
2017 Nominees' Gallery, 2017 Bridges Conference, Waterloo, Canada
2017 Made in Oregon, White Box, Portland, OR
2017 Mathematical Art Exhibition, Joint Mathematics Meeting, Atlanta, GA
2015 Centennial MAA MathFest Exhibition, Washington, DC
2015 Bridges Baltimore 2015 Art Exhibition, University of Baltimore, Baltimore, MD
2015 Bridges Math/Art 2015 Exhibition, Center for the Arts Gallery, Townson University, Townson, MD
2015 RAPID2015 Contemporary Art Gallery, Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA
2015 Wunderkammer, Nichols Gallery, Claremont, CA
2015 MATHEMATICAL AnESTHETICS (solo exhibition), Barbara Hinshaw Gallery, Claremont, CA
2015 Mathematical Art Exhibition, Joint Mathematics Meeting, San Antonio, TX
2014 La fin du Monde, Emergence Sanctuary, Claremont, CA
2012 Mathematical Art Exhibition, RUME conference, Portland, OR


2017 Shapeways' interview about 2017 MorYork show.
2017 Mentioned in an article on Math Art in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
2017 Interview in the Novedge blog
2015 Mentioned in Artillery review of Wunderkammer Exhibition
2015 Shapeways Designer Spotlight, February 2nd
2015 Mobius Band Heart Pendant became cover item for Shapeways "Pendants" page (January 19th). 
2015 Trefoil Heart Pendant featured in Shapeways Valentine's Day Gift Guide
2014 Coffee Sleeve/Bracelet featured in Shapeways 2014 Holiday Gift Guide
2014 Seashell Earrings featured in Shapeways November 22nd promotional mailing
2014 Seashell Earrings were the cover item for four months on Shapeways "Earrings" page.